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  Announcement Christmas Update!  
Hey all! It has been a while since I have updated you on the site and this thread mentions the little stuff which I have done to maintain the site. I have been incredibly busy with a whole range of things which is why I was inactive with the website and services. Now that I have some free time, I am working on optimising user experience further, fixing issues and adding some neat features. Here is a breakdown of what has happened:

Christmas update and discounts: 
You may have noticed that there are some Christmas themed elements added on the site such as the snowfall added across the website and a Christmas themed logo. Just gives the site a more festive appropriate setting for the time being. Along with this, the membership costs in the “upgrade” section have been reduced until the 31st December. Premium is now £4.99, and VIP is £9.99. The upgrade cost between premium and VIP has been reduced to £5.00 to incorporate this. The perks remain unchanged and furthermore, there is a Christmas award that can be claimed for free by anyone until 31st December here. This will be displayed immediately on your profile and postbit.

Changes to the site: 
There has been a notable change to our logo. The old one was quite poor and rushed whereas, now it is more professional and smooth. The current one is the Christmas version but, the original one follows the same concept! I am still waiting for the website version of the logo, so the old one still remains on here but, this will be changed within the next day hopefully.
[Image: gCT4XXa.png]
Another change I have added was, with the help of @mastersly, we have created a better "threads widget" on the sidebar. This gives 3 tabs of conversation. The first tab is filled with the announcement section and lists all the announcements. The second tab is filled with the latest active threads.. The final tab will change every month with a section that is chosen at random. This feature is quite new and was only implemented yesterday, so there are still some changes that will occur overtime with it such as with the uneven sizes and prefixes. 

Forum/Blogs and Advertising Services:
I temporarily closed the Forum and Blogs service because I had to take a break from it and focus on revamping the prices and system. Instead of messaging me via Discord or PMs, please use the newly added Google Forms system to place an order by following the simple instructions listed in forms. Furthermore, due to having less free time than before and other commitments including back-end website maintenance, prices for both services have been increased. Check either the changelogs for the price changes or the services page for the updated page. To add, I have modified the whole services page in general so please read it carefully as there have been a few tweaks.

My activity on the site: 
So, I have been inactive for some months due to having a lot on my plate  and I can only see my workload getting larger in the future. In the past, I have been active on the forums, creating threads and responding to other users posts as well as answering quickly via Discord. From now, I'll be reducing my regular activity on the site such as not creating as many threads and posts as much as I used to in the past as I will normally be working on the back-end. I’ll post and interact when I obviously have the time too and I will be viewing the activity on a regular basis but, just not responding unless it is necessary too. I will always try to respond ASAP on Discord though, and this is my best way of communicating quickly.

What’s to come in the future? 
There are plenty of new features I would like to implement and some of it is being worked on at the moment. I would like to deal with the current issues first before moving onto any future updates but, as usual feedback and ideas are always welcomed. I will attempt to respond to any threads created if I can but, with a busy schedule it is not always possible. I have a few more databases that are set to be installed in the next update as well, but I do not need to get into that now. I am also thinking of potential events and giveaways that could be done as well for the members and more on this type of stuff will be announced in due course.

That’s really all I have to say. This may seem like quite a small thread and update but there are some things that I have not talked about because it is not necessary to mention it in a thread. I will be actively working on the website and services page for the next 3-4 weeks and will try and get everything in line with my vision. I will mostly be working on the services side this time though. However, because of this, I may not be as actively responsive as I used to be on Discord and other sources of communication as it is quite a lot to take on for one person, but I will try to respond fast. The best way to ensure I respond within 1-3 days is through Discord (BDON33#1234) as I don’t regularly check my PMs here.

Hope you all have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Nice update and good to see you back on the site again!
The site is going very well @_B_. Hope for better things to come in the future.
Hello there! Smile