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  Announcement Major updates and fixes!  
Hello all. VoxGrid reopens after some maintenance and the addition of some new modern features that I am sure that members will enjoy! This took much longer than anticipated due to external reasons but, this will be worth the wait hopefully! This thread will be quite detailed and there will also be a changelog thread in addition to this to highlight some more details.

But before we get into the new features, I would like to announce a new permanent partner for VoxGrid. 
@MrSumTingWong has been a good friend of mine for ages and has a growing Twitch Channel which you can visit here. He regularly streams multiple games ranging from Valorant and League of Legends to OSU! and many more. 
Show him some support for his hard work and efforts to deliver entertaining content by following him and tuning into his streams. 
[Image: 1oGuSnL.jpg]

Personal Messages:
This is probably the most significant revamp out of the features as it completely changes the look of how PMs look. The previous appearance was quite messy and hard to track the messages (I personally did not like it either) and it definitely was something I intended to change as soon as possible. Now, we introduce a more modern approach towards PMs. The appearance and layout is very similar to WhatsApp in which the ticks for sent messages and received messages have been implemented. Instead of creating a separate conversation for each message sent back and forth, it will all be recorded in the same conversation (easier to track Ooo Friend ).Furthermore, the conversation list is much more organised and symmetrical compared to before. All messages have been transferred from the old layout to the new one, but if you notice any errors or missing messages please create a support thread.
[Image: knYmt9v.gif]

Another feature that I decided to added was hovercards. Across the forums, you may hover over a user's username and it will show you a mini profile of them. This includes the day the member joined VoxGrid and when they were last active. Please note that this feature can only be seen on the PC version of VoxGrid. 
[Image: rsk7bIo.gif]

Drag and Drop files in Attachments
Previously, you could only click a little tab to upload attachments. In addition to this, we have added the feature to drag and drop files to attachments. This should be additional ease into creating threads!
[Image: fusTBNv.gif] 

Thread Ratings:
This feature is only for the MyBB and Premium Resources forum only and allows users to rate threads that are "currently working". This will make it easier for readers to see if certain resources are working upfront.
[Image: m8nCDKX.jpg][Image: z4jW8mk.jpg]

Periodically when you are creating threads and posts, they will automatically save itself for you to come back to. 

What's next?
I do have some more features set to roll out soon but because of the complexity in the setup, it will take a bit longer to roll out. I will be creating some more updated and useful content to post on the site in the upcoming week as well. Any other questions or reports relating to bugs can be created with a thread in the relevant areas! I do apologise once again for taking some time with this update but, hopefully it will have been worth it Smile
Changelogs thread to follow soon!
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If you want to contact me: Discord = BDON33#0691
I like the new change to the PMs. It's actually so good.