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  Announcement New Year Update!  
Hey! Happy late New Year to everyone reading this. I would like to start this thread of with an apology. The first reason is the delay in this update. This was a result of some of the features not being ready properly such as the merge threads. This also leads to my second reason. There has been a communication problem with the other parts of the logo which I fully expected in the last week and this has still to be resolved. I am quite disappointed with this as I am not happy with the current logo and the only one we have of the new concept is the Christmas version which is definitely not going to be used at this point of time. Unfortunately, this is beyond my control and the current logo may have to be used until we can establish the full picture. I will not bother pushing back any further and will just launch the new update today. The new update includes a noticeable change in users and posts as well as some user features. This will all be explained below in further detail. 

InLobos Merge and New Developer:
So this merge was the main reason behind the update. We welcome another forums page to our site. The InLobos community is filled with a whole array of resources and members and I feel like their assets would prove to be useful on VoxGrid. Especially with those who are enthusiasts of MyBB, we have a greater amount of high quality tutorials and MyBB exclusive content which I hope most of you that enjoy using this software will find useful to create amazing MyBB sites. In addition to this, @mastersly (the previous owner of InLobos) is now a developer at VoxGrid! He is responsible for many of this update's custom features such as the revamp of the awards page and the drop down alerts (which requires a lot of editing to customise). Expect some neat features and additions to experience in the future Smile

Awards Page:
We have changed the awards page system so that it is no longer a massive list but is organised into dropdown categories. This is just a little feature that just makes it a little easier to navigate around the awards page. 

Dropdown Alerts:
I personally think the pop-up alerts were not that great and was looking for this feature for a while. Now, we have a drop-down alerts system that should make it much easier to view alerts.

Not very much to write about in this update but, this will most likely be the last major update for a while. As my schedule starts to pick up from next week, I will not be as active on the site as I mentioned in the update before this. I will dip from time to time on here as I should though and will be looking through the feedback and bugs section the most during these sessions. I am still reachable on Discord (BDON33#1234) and still got the forums/blogs and advertising services available to anyone interested. The changelogs thread will also include the other minor updates carried out during the downtime.

Thanks for reading this and take care!