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  Announcement Update... after quite a while.  
Hey all! It has been quite sometime since an announcement and update has been created for VoxGrid. I do apologise for not being so active but, it has been quite a busy few months for me on a personal level and there was just way too much going on to release updates publicly with VoxGrid. 

So... what is going on?
I have not disregarded and abandoned my site. I just haven't been so public as before. I actually have been working behind closed doors on some new features which will be rolled out in the upcoming weeks (slowly but surely) that I think will optimise the site. Hopefully in the next few weeks, I will be a lot more attentive to the site on a public level with the new updates. 

New Logo
Some of you have noticed that VoxGrid has now got a proper new logo for the site. There was a little delay in creating an official public logo as some of you may recall and the Christmas version was used for quite some time. But, now it has been sorted out and this logo will remain permanent for VoxGrid. It is much more elegant and smooth compared to the old one and we will be updating all areas with it in due course. 

Feedback and comments.
As usual, I do read the feedback and any comments left with the site (although I do not necessarily respond to all of them) and I will take all that onboard. For now, I will probably not implement any ideas left in the suggestions area as I already have a set plan on what to include next but, I still encourage anyone that has some thoughts to still leave a post and I may get back to it later. 

That's all that I really have to say. Stay tuned for the new updates set to roll out and thank you all once again for continued support in the growth of VoxGrid.