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  Announcement VoxGrid's Second Merge  
Hey guys! It has been just over a week since I closed the board to initiate another merge. I'll get into more details about the merge in this announcement along with other stuff. I have been fairly busy for the last few weeks so I am sorry that this has taken a bit longer.

VoxGrid's 2nd Merge
So, it is fairly obvious that we have gone through another merge. Not only has it been announced but, the significantly higher statistics spell it out too. We merged with a music site ( which is closed) which explains why there are more posts in the music section and even new categories to facilitate the threads. Personally, I have an interest in the music field so I will be engaging with some of the threads that have been created. There are also some scattered in the Lounge, Knowledge Section and other areas too. I haven't had the time to go through every single thread, but over time I will be deleting any duplicate threads (there are a few). Also, I have gone through the control panel and ran tasks to update the new/merged users. If there are any bugs or issues regarding user ranks, credits or anything else, please make a thread or let me know personally and I will fix it quickly. The board used a different forum software (Xenforo) than ours but, I think everything has transferred successfully upon inspection (in terms of posts, threads, avatars etc.). Gotta thank MyBB's Merge system for being so useful in allowing this to happen! 
Hope the new members find everything to be working fine and make sure to give them a welcome to VoxGrid! 

Other merges?
I do have some other databases that need to be transferred, but this was the biggest one out of them. I will schedule some timings for the rest in the future and will do them quicker than this one. Again, I will make announcements prior to these type of updates.

Jobs and Services
You guys already know about the services page and I just want to say that I am still accepting any orders. If you want to discuss anything regarding it, reach out to me on Discord (BDON33#0691). Read for more info regarding the forums/blogs and advertising services which are high-quality and affordable! 
We have jobs available on VoxGrid (mostly free but some are paid slightly). Again read for the open positions and follow the steps in applying. Ensure that you have already fulfilled any requirements you need prior to applying. If you haven't, don't bother applying. 

Other stuff
This isn't really a big announcement like before as the only thing that I had to talk about was the merge. Hope you guys like the extra content available on VoxGrid. I may not be as active in the past, now with university starting and having to commit my time towards that (will be even more of a task to get used to as everything is online and I still need to figure out how to use all the online stuff). I will try and respond to any questions on Discord ASAP as always. Discord is definitely the best way to get to me quickly as I have it open all the time and check it often. 

Thank you for reading this and make sure you do check here and on our instagram page ( for updates!