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  Approved Idea Simple 3D stereoscopic tutorial Step By Step  
Tutorial by Guardian

Step 1:
Get a Image: This <- For example
Step 2:
Duplicate this image with layer by pressing "CTRL + J" or "Command + J":
[Image: ERYMWQT.gif]
Step 3:
Do the same:
[Image: 8uBPXX2.gif]
Step 3:
Move with arrows image to get effect - and thats it:
[Image: bEcWwOi.gif]
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  • PGen98
Wow! That's one graphic photo! I wish there was a warning! lol

That's definitely a very call effect - thank you for sharing this tutorial! It definitely adds more depth to the image and I think that's what made it so starting to me at first glance.
That is indeed a very graphic photo!

I like this tutorial, I hadn't even considered how this could be done, so thank you very much for sharing this! That's a tip I can make use of in a couple of projects!