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  Arctic Circle sees 'highest-ever' recorded temperatures  
Temperatures in the Arctic Circle are likely to have hit an all-time record on Saturday, reaching a scorching 38C (100F) in Verkhoyansk, a Siberian town.
The record still needs to be verified, but it appears to have been 18C higher than the average maximum daily temperature in June.
Hot summer weather is not uncommon in the Arctic Circle, but recent months have seen abnormally high temperatures.
The Arctic is believed to be warming twice as fast as the global average.
Verkhoyansk, home to about 1,300 people, sits just inside the Arctic Circle, in remote Siberia. It has an extreme climate with temperatures plunging in January to an average maximum of -42C and then surging in June to 20C.
This is sad! While I don't jump on the global warming bandwagon all the way, the Earth has been through lulls before, I DO know the way our humans are treating the Earth, it has sped up the process. Glaciers are melting. Polar bears are running out of food. I'm not sure how humans could help stop this once it has already begun.
I'm not one of these global warming nutcases running around blaming everything on it. The Earth is a very complex planet that is capable of repairing itself if given enough time. I wouldn't worry too much as the Earth will find a way to balance this out.