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  Are you into poetry?  
Do you like to read or write poetry? Not everyone are fans of poetry because they can be quite...abstract. I think that's what I personally love about poetry because a writer can simultaneously express a specific thought or emotion and also trigger the reader's own thoughts and emotions with just a few lines. It's amazing really. What are your thoughts around poetry?
When I was a teenager I used to write and read a lot of poetry, naturally it was all angst and woe, but it was great seeing what some poets had to offer. I used to have a knack for writing, and while I can still do it at times, the flair I used to have is long since gone. It's nice to read poetry still, though, so I do that on occasion!
When I was in high school, I used to be pretty great at writing short stories and poems. It used to be my way of releasing the frustration I had at seeing my parents argue all the time. Some of them were so amazing that my English Literature teacher would constantly suggest I take up a career as a creative writer. Although I never followed through with it, I always admired the play-on-words of poetry.