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  Clothes for uni?  

I'll probably be going to uni in September but I'm worried I won't have enough fresh clothes to wear daily while I'm there. If you're a uni student where would you recommend buying clothes as a student (male) and what type of clothes should I buy e.g jeans hoodies or something else. Also I don't want to buy too many clothes as I'm not interested in fashion etc.
Uni clothes probably doesn't matter as much you might think it will. Make sure you have a few pairs of comfy joggers for general relaxing and to join the zoom calls nice and snug. Since there will be more lectures have a few pairs of jeans and nice enough jumpers/hoodies to be presentable for an in person seminar. I would also reccomend having at least one nice shirt and trousers and smart shoes because you will need them at some point. I'm currently up north in the snow and a good pair of gloves and hiking boots are very useful compared to my mates falling over all the time. Also have a few nice t shirts and jeans to wear to to a club or party or whatever and feel confident. This makes it sound long but you really don't need much as will wear similar clothing for a seminar as a club and nobody pays that much attention. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BUNCH OF PANTS AND SOCKS BECAUSE CIRCUIT LAUNDRY (used at most unis) IS A FUCKING SCAM. It will save you having to do laundy too often and can do multiple loads if you have plenty of pants and socks.
Idk where to buy things from ASOS is always easy. Just look around I am like you and don't really give a shit about fashion so idrk

Best of luck at uni. Will have all of my year joining you for freshers as ours was a bit shit so should have a good laugh. keep working hard despite the circumstances atm and will have a great time at uni