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  Courses or have knack for art?  
I know a family member who has a knack for drawing. She just had the talent for it early on & only got better as she learned newer techniques. So I was wondering, how many of you had the knack for art & how many just had the desire & learned?
I definitely enjoy admiring other's skills more than honing my own. I haven't really taken the time to learn how to draw but I've dabbled with oil pastels. I'm more of a writer myself when it comes to art. I remember spending hours just listening to music as a drew with oil pastels. I still have small collection of them I will have to find them so I can share.
I'm a terrible artist, so I definitely had to learn the "skills" I've acquired, but my sister and father both have natural talent for art and are quite skilled. They have an eye for detail that I just could never replicate! I admire those who have that talent, it is a truly incredible thing to have an eye for art!
Even though I've always had a knack for art, I did some courses to learn certain industry techniques. This has played a major part in my success as a freelancer. It's one thing to possess talent, but if you don't hone it, you'll never achieve your full potential.