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Are you familiar with the website

I am always amazed at the creations others share on there. I am particularly impressed when artists are able to design a picture of fictional characters from a story. It's amazing how they can literally take the words used by an author to describe a particular character and artists are able to turn around and bring those characters to life visually! 

When I feel like killing time I love to scroll through and appreciate the works on there whether they be of fan-art or original landscape creations. 

Do you have a DeviantArt account?
I do indeed have a DeviantArt account and have used it to talk to some very talented artists over the years. I have never contributed anything to DeviantArt in terms of actual art, because I don't have much talent, but I have communicated with artists and followed their submissions, it's a great site for finding amazing artists!
I've known about Devianart for at least a decade and have always admired the artworks on display. I agree that there are some seriously talented artists on the site - If they have any skills in marketing themselves, they shouldn't have any problems finding work. With so many digitally driven industries, their skills would be in high demand.