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  Does anyone here paint?  
Whether it's something they do seriously or something for a hobby, I'm interested to know if anyone here does any paintings? Maybe even share some images of them? I used to draw a lot a few years ago but lost a bit of interest in art generally because I was never good at it.
I have painted many years ago but I was not good at it. I am not arty nor crafty but they are good stress-relievers. I unfortunately don't have any that I kept.
It's hard to keep up with something you don't seem to have a knack for. The way I handle that is to remember Self-Care. I do it for me & who cares if others don't like it!
I've dabbled into using oil pastels but not really painting in the traditional sense as in with acrylic paint for instance. For one of my close friend's birthday party she had provided canvases and paint a sort of Paint and Sip type birthday celebration. I don't drink so that may be why I was so stressed ...but the whole time I found myself having high anxiety and you'd hear me say "I thought we were going to be given step by step instructions!!!" My friends took great joy in laughing at my expense lol I had chosen to draw the tree of life and despite my complaints it actually turned out pretty nice. I will have to dig through my photos and see about sharing my creation.
Of of my friends paints as a stress relieving hobby, so I've tried painting with her. It is quite relaxing, actually, so I understand why she does it; however, I have very limited artistic ability, so while I enjoyed it, I certainly am not very good at it!
I used to do paintings in high school, but I've since transitioned to the digital arts and animation. I started off doing graphic design gigs as a freelancer, and I've added 2-D animation/ video editing to my skillset. The only reason I haven't gotten into 3-D animation is the cost involved.