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  Dolphin Emulator  
For those who used to play on their Nintendo Wii in the past but don't have it anymore and want to relive the past, then this is a great way to do so through your PC. I haven't put any games on it yet on my computer but used to use it on my old one a lot. Mario Kart Wii and New Super Mario Bros being the 2 I played the most. If you want to know how to download it, then here is a video that should be pretty simple to follow:

I hope to install everything properly this week so I can put some images and potential videos of gameplay. Some games are quite large in size too so be aware of that.
You also have to map out the controllers in the settings.
The best emulator around. I used it a few times before I uninstalled it to free up some space a while back. It really is amazing and everything works just like it would
Hello there! Smile
This sounds great. I've never heard of this type of stuff before and I got rid of my Wii a long time ago so this might be the one to relive the nostalgia.