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  Drugs. Should they be illegal? Your experiences?  
I'm bored and haven't been on here in a while so wanna hear what some people are saying about recreational drugs. To be clear I'm talking about weed, ket, MD, LSD, cocaine etc. 
My experiences: I haven't done much. I've done edibles (weed) a few times and had a good laugh. I'm quite a cautious person so I don't do them regularly as I don't want to get any sort of dependance on them and sure they aren't addicitve but as a mind altering substance they will naturally cause mood changes and mental health impacts I don't want to fuck with. I have enjoyed doing them in a fun environment. I have friends who do edibles very regularly to the point where it is a bit concerning. Ket is a relativley new drug that has massivley sweeped across the young people of the UK. Many of my mates have done it and had mainly very fun experiences. It seems like a good laugh however I have also to carry mates out of places because they K-holed and it is quite concerning. Lots of my mates have done LSD and had generally positive experiences often allowing deep reflection and close connection with their friends also on LSD. However a bad trip can be incredibly scary and dangerous in some circumstances. From my understanding the most important thing is that your drugs are tested or you know others who have taken the same batch safely and you have a good environment and good dose for your level of tolerance. 

Legislation: In my opinion the drugs policy in the USA and UK is ridiculous. The drugs policy (war on drugs) in America has always been fuelled by racism and in no way helps the american people. Weed should be legalised in the UK for so many reasons. It is called a gateway drug at the moment becuase if you are already buying weed illegally off a sketchy dealer why not try other drugs. The economic boost from legal drug sales can go straight back into health care policies to support addicts and provide drug education other than don't do drugs kids. Moreover addicts should not be punished for their addiction as this simply prevents them from seeking help. If ambulance show up at a party they should turn a blind eye because otherwise people will not seek help in life threatening circumstances. Also the opiod epidemic of the United states is not talked about enough in my opinion. Pharmaceutical companies and healthcare prescribe pain killers for minor injuries leading to addiction which fuels their own income and these addicts then turn to stronger illegal painkillers eventually all the way to heroin and is the cause of thousand of deaths every year. America really is an awful country whose government really causes most of its problems but that is a whole other discussion. Similar to that the irony of Kamala Harris and Michael Gove admitting to taking drugs when their legislation imprisinoned millions for the same reason is laughable. I really don't think this is about drugs anymore but fuck the government drug policy it is not helpful and needs reform. 

Lmk your experiences and if you disagree with my political rant.
No because it destroys lives and kills humans.