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  Favourite albums of 2020 and The Grammys/Weeknd  
2020 was a shit year and lots of the biggest artists didn't drop because of the pandemic so 2021 is probably going to an amazing year for music but still some great albums in 2020.
Some of my personal favourites this year:
J Hus Big Conspiracy- one of my fav uk albums of recent years. really talented guy. different sound to most the uk scene with great instrumentals and variety of flow.
Mac Miller Circles- Rip legend. some great tracks like good news 
The Weeknd After hours- amazing album. blinding lights obviously massive song. had faith stuck in my head in for ages. production is amazing and his voice and passion is amazing.
Freddie Gibbs Alfredo- a proper hip hop record. Madlib ofc killed it. so glad to see it got love at the grammy nominations
Nas King's disease- can't lie wasnt a fan at first but its kind of grown on me
Pop smoke- guy was going right to the very top. he accomplished so much so quickly. very sad.
Phoebe bridgers punisher- been getting into phoebe bridgers recently and think shes got an interesting sound
Amine limbo- got quite a few tracks from this i still listen to a lot
Kota the friend- I can't remember the album name ive really fucked with him this year and i think he dropped early 2020 so there you go.

I really didn't put much thought into this I'm just on a break from revision but let me know what you think and what you would add. I really missed so many ppl but my go to favs like frank ocean, kendrick, cole, Dave and omg so many more people just didn't drop anything

Grammys/Weeknd- Daylight robbery. He had the biggest song of the year and a critically acclaimed album so there is no doubt some shit is going on behind the scenes. There has been consistent controversy around how bullshit the grammys is. Imagine justin beibers yummy doing better than blinding lights and after hours. Lots of controversy around the resignation of the CEO of the company running the grammys. I really wish nobody payed attention to the grammys but they are still so relevant.  good video on the corruption: