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  Hurricane Ida Devastates US Northeast, Death Toll Stands at 50+  

"NEW YORK, Sept 5 (Reuters) - Hurricane Ida's death toll in the U.S. Northeast rose on Sunday to at least 50 victims, with many holding out hope for people missing in the floodwaters and Pope Francis urging those affected by the disaster to be strong.

Ida's record-breaking rainfall of 3.1 inches per hour, recorded in New York City's Central Park on Sept. 1, sent walls of water slamming through businesses, public transportation systems and 1,200 homes, causing more than $50 million in damages, Governor Kathy Hochul said.

"The human toll was tremendous," said Hochul, recounting a trip to East Elmhurst in the city borough of Queens to assess the devastation.

"One woman wept in my arms, an 89-year-old woman. She had nothing left after living in that home for over 40 years," Hochul said.

New York's governor had previously secured an emergency disaster declaration from President Joe Biden and on Sunday signed paperwork to request related federal money to cover the costs of temporary housing as well as rebuilding homes, possibly in less flood-prone locations."

3.1 Inches per-hour...that is an absolutely tremendous amount of water to pour into a city, it must have been absolutely terrifying to live through.  The damage is extremely intensive and you just have to feel awful for those who lost everything, like the 89 year-old who lost her home of 40 years, I hope something can be done to make things right for her and those in the same situation!