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  Media Valorant Clip Weekly Showcase - Every Saturday or Sunday  
For those who have joined my Discord server, I have a channel dedicated to League and Valorant Clips.
I have made a thread for this already on the league section but here is the requirements:
The clips must be around 5-15 seconds long and must be under 10MB in size. Also, they must be .mp4 format.
If you want to submit anything in, contact me on Discord with the clip or show interest in this thread by leaving a post!

12/09/2020: I will actually just end up updating this thread every Saturday or Sunday for clips and will add new ones here instead of on Discord.
[Image: normalbanner-gif.7698]
If you want to contact me: Discord = BDON33#0691
I will be updating this thread every Sunday but just wanted to put the one showcased last week on here to mark it's start:

This was the one I previously showcased last week with @MrSumTingWing and @Buizelx. I'll put another one tomorrow
Kinda lucky to survive all of that and clutch that round... Features @Buizelx
Blind Sniper Shot on Omen:
Because of the merge, I have not been updating this thread. However, I will be doing it every Saturday. I uploaded this one before though:
This was just a Raze triple kill...
Where's the clip this time??