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Struggling a bit with my practice. I'm a little bit lost what to focus on, I've got so much information. I want to focus my practice towards my goals and am aiming for 4-5 hours a day. If anyone can help me out or has any tip or examples of there practice that would be much appreciated. thanks
It looks like you really needed help but not from anyone but from yourself. You may just be losing your focus because sometimes when we are obsessed with something, we try too hard and eventually lose our focus and concentration. And the way you sounded, it appears that you are not enjoying your playing anymore. Perhaps you need to assess everything in your musical career. If you have no talent then don’t force yourself. Practice makes perfect but it is better if you enjoy your practice.
Try to concentrate more in your practice also enjoy your practice. Don't be so serious, try to go with the flow and enjoy.
It sounds to me like you were getting overwhelmed. Did you end up finding a practice rhythm that worked well for you?

For anyone out there struggling, my advice would be to take a big breath and a step back. It is a lot to cover and when it is new it might feel too intimidating and hard to keep in your head all at the same time but as time goes a lot of that becomes handled by your brain in the background once you get used to it. It's like learning to drive any vehicle for the first time.

If there's a lot to focus on, I would suggest choosing the top 3 things you think would be better. Reducing the radius of things to keep track of, might help you bring back the concentration. Another idea is to find slow beats of something you are interested in learning, so you can bring back a bit of spark to your motivation.
Some of the times you have to take break. You can't just keep on creating or learning the music. You have to take regular break and also learn to avoid doing the burnout. Most of the time what you expreienced and noted here is part of the burn out. And you have to take back few steps and invest your time wisely.