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  Sell art  
How many of you here have sold your art? If so, where did you sell it at & how long have you been doing it? Do you make a profit or just do it for the enjoyment?
While I don't do art all that often, I had a long time ago with other family members. We would rent booths at Resale Shops or Craft Shows. It would have been nice to make a nice profit, but I personally just liked doing it. Kept me busy, my mind occupied. A bonus was when we sold quite a few of them & even sold out of a certain product.
I can't imagine ever selling my art! It's so personal and I couldn't ask anyone to pay for them!

On the flip side, I have purchased others' I mean I buy books all the time for example. As far as painting I have one right now hanging in my living room that gives me great joy whenever visitors are over and they ask me about it. I love that I can talk about where I got the painting and how I've actually met the artist and share my experience with them.
I know someone who sells her art through Facebook and local channels, but I have never considered selling anything I've ever drawn, painted or produced in photoshop, I just don't have the artistic eye that properly talented artists have. I have a deep level of respect for those that can produce art of a quality capable of being sold.
Personally, I've sold and currently sell some of my digital artwork on platforms such as Redbubble and Etsy. It helps provide me with a tidy income per month which I use for both personal and business endeavors. I plan on getting into NFTs in the near future, as that looks like an additional avenue for selling my art.