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If someone came to you wanting to learn how to sketch, do you think you could teach them? How would you go about doing this? & for the record, it’s not bad either if one cannot teach. I can teach a few things to people while other things are not my forte & I therefore get quite frustrated with the explanation.
Truthfully, I would suggest they follow YouTube! No joke!

Firstly, I'm not an artists - I cannot sketch so I wouldn't be able to assist in that area. However, I can definitely have a conversation about my favorite sketches that I've come across over the years and as far as learning any thing based on real life experience YouTube is a fantastic resource!

I believe in mimicking those that inspire you, learn the techniques, and put more of yourself into your work as you progress.
Personally, I'd suggest they use resources like Youtube, Skillshare, and others to learn their craft. It's not that I'm a bad teacher, but my unique way of doing things may not work for everyone. Besides, there are some things I'm still trying to figure out, and I wouldn't want to misinform anyone.