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  Update New purchasable ranks!  
This was a feature I had been working on for a while now and thought it would be best to announce it now.

I have created two purchasable ranks for VoxGrid. Premium (£9.99) and VIP (£19.99). Both ranks are for a lifetime, so no subscriptions or monthly payments needed. Just a one-off payment! 
These ranks have been created to show our appreciation to those that have supported VoxGrid and come with exclusive perks (Increased reputation ability, PM Space, Custom Usertitle, Access to the premium forums, GIF Avatars, extra credit income and much more in the future).

You can visit the page at and find out the features that we have to offer for those that purchase our ranks! This is what the page will look like (it is mobile responsive as well).
[Image: P5rQwRN.png]

An important note is that VIP can only be bought after you purchase Premium and you will only have to pay £10 from Premium to VIP (£19.99 is just the overall price). So for those that do not see the option to buy VIP, it's not a bug but is only allowed for Premium members.
Payments are only accepted via PayPal for now (we may look into other forms later but if you have another way, please message _B_).

Please note that donating and upgrading are two separate actions. By upgrading, you will have access to the perks listed in the upgrade page. By donating you will only receive an award and nothing else.