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  Urban Sketching  
I recently learned about this art type where you draw the observation type imagery and make use of little amount of the colors and the pen. You can get more shown with the pen and the colors with the sketch. I guess in such context you can see that drawing simple art and also sketch the minimal is pretty much possible. 

I have been thinking of getting into that sort of the art. 

Have you tried urban sketching?
Truthfully, I'm not familiar with this term! When I first read you describe it I had the assumption that you meant drawing based on inspiration from an urban or city-like environment. However, from what you're describing it's more of a technique or style by using minimal means. I'd love to see some examples to truly understand.
I've heard the term before, but I hardly know anything about this art form. How did you learn about this style of drawing? It sounds pretty interesting, but I have never done it.