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  Useful Read this before applying...  
Before you create your application:
1) Check for the positions available. Those that are marked as open are vacant and we will be accepting applications for that position. If it is marked as closed, then applying for that role will not be possible yet. Make sure to keep checking regularly as positions come and go. If the applications forum does not appear here, then we are not accepting any applications from anyone at that point of time (regardless of whether the position is open or not). Remember, you can only apply through VoxGrid's website.
2) Make sure that you have fulfilled all the requirements asked before applying. This could be having a certain rank on here or having the right mindset for the position. 
3) Read the Info on the position in this forum that you are interested in. It gives a brief summary of what the role is and you will receive more about your specific role before being accepted.

When creating your application:
1) Ensure you have copied the template for the role you want. The applications are listed in the individual threads in this section. 
2) Answer any questions that require to give your thoughts (e.g. why do you think you would be suited for this...? or what skills do you have for this...?) with detail. We are not saying the more you write the better but, we do look at the quality of the applications when deciding whether it's serious. We don't give so many questions to answer, so we do expect well-thought responses.
3) Be honest with the questions asked. Lying will just get you barred from applying again.

After you have finished your application:
1) Check through it again, ensuring you have everything you want to include and that it looks the way you would like. We do look favourably upon well laid out threads.
2) Once you are 100% satisfied, post your thread in the applications area. You will only be able to see your application. You are not able to edit/change or delete anything on that thread once it's submitted.
3) Be patient and wait for a response. We will aim to give responses to applications in 2-3 days but it can take longer. Please do not bump reply/bump your applications either as this doesn't do any favours. 

If you've been accepted:
1) Congratulations on being accepted. You will get started immediately in your position and all the roles and permissions will be added at the same time. This will be confirmed on the application itself or through Discord in some cases. Your thread will be changed to accepted and be locked.

If you've been rejected:
1) Unfortunately, we couldn't offer you a position. We will include a reason (and in some feedback if needed) we decided to reject you. Remember that you can reapply after a certain amount of time (around 1-2 months). All decisions are final so there will be no opportunity for you to appeal the decision.