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  Website Adverts. A note to Partners and Members.  
Threads can only be posted in here by partners. For more information about being a partner, please read this thread.
The biggest perk of being a partner on VoxGrid is continuous advertisement. We try our best to make it possible for partners to advertise as much as they can on our site. A big area for this is here. Partners can create 1 thread on their site and update it as many times as they want (following the posting rules which you can read here). This section is completely dedicated to them posting in here and other members of the site can view the threads and post replies too.

Rules for Partners:
1) You may only post 1 thread relating to your site and ONLY 1 thread. You are to edit that thread if you feel the need to and can "bump" or update it once every 12 hours (in line with posting rules). 
2) You should not include any hyperlinks that lead straight to registering. Only to the index of the site and other pages you feel are needed.
3) You must not post anything that leads to explicit and/or illegal content. The same rules on the forums apply to posting on here. 
4) The following must be displayed in some form on your thread:
  • Site Name, URL and description
  • Unique Features
  • OPTIONAL: Some arts/graphics to make it stand out
Rules for Members:
1) You are allowed to reply to these threads. But if you are commenting or just offering feedback, refrain from negative and potentially toxic comments. These will be removed and you may face further consequences. 

This will be updated from time to time, so please watch out on this thread