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2021 new Corum Golden Bridge automatic winding: linear gathering has never been better

Of the replica luxury watches that celebrate typically the virtues of mechanical activities, no one is as simple, fresh or straightforward as the Corum Golden Bridge.

Invented by simply independent watchmaker Vincent Calabrese in 1977, and for initially on sale from Corum throughout 1980, the Golden Link watch demonstrates the beauty of often the movement mechanism in a exclusive way. In the 1970s and beginning 1980s, the Swiss view industry fell into the throes of the quartz crisis, which often couldn't be more important.

Increasing transparency: Corum Calibre C 113
The story of this brand-new version of the Golden Bridge auto mechanical watch began generations ago. Severin Wunderman, the other owner of Corum See, hoped to relaunch the actual Golden Bridge on the celebration of the 50th anniversary festivity of Corum Watch with 2005. Watch.

Wunderman started an amazingly big project: adjusting the classic Golden Bridge activity designed by Calabrese and made by hand by Corum's watchmakers to restore more reliable in the modern era, while keeping the integrity of the Best replica watches art.

Thanks to the cohesiveness with Vaucher Manufacture, Corum's exquisite Calibre 13 had been transformed into Corum's sturdy Tama?o CO 113 in time to identify its 50th anniversary. Although original version had an outstanding and successful design, it had become some technical problems that achieved it somewhat unreliable and would not allow the addition of more elements, such as a tourbillon or maybe automatic winding.

However , the most important goal of Corum with this undertaking is to modernize along with strengthen the movement. Maybe the biggest obvious change is to carry the winding stem about the back of the watch to the some o'clock position, which makes hustleing easier.

The addition of pillars towards the movement also improves distress resistance while maintaining the reliability of its sandwich composition. In addition , the frequency on the movement has been increased via 3 Hz to some Hz, ensuring higher accuracy and reliability (but to be honest, who need to worry when the watch appears to be so good? ).cheap men watch

The reinforced mobility also made possible new kinetic iterations, the first of which arrived in 2009: Ti-Bridge, some portions of the golden bridge are constructed with titanium (including the brdge and the case), and the motion is turned over.

In fact, the engineers of Vaucher were finally able to give a tourbillon made mainly involving silicon to the frame connected with Corum claimed to be the tiniest tourbillon in the world at the time, which has a diameter of 8. your five mm, Calibre CO 213. It beats at an strange frequency of 19, 190 vph, it The slabs and bridges are made of hand-made 18-carat gold.

Back to modern-day theme, the automatic variation of Golden Bridge turned out in 2011, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

2011 Corum Golden Bridge automatic turning
The launch of the intelligent version of its renowned rectangular movement by Corum is a technological breakthrough in addition to an aesthetic breakthrough: with out destroying the famous aesthetics, this adds automatic winding for the single bridge structure with this bare-metal movement It is a columbia crash.high quality replica watches

Over ten years ago, that is, 4 years ago, this progress has been possible to a certain extent, because the Chicago Chaux-de-Fonds brand has taken around creative watchmaker Laurent Besse and his company Les Builders Horlogers (they may I am familiar with some people through the cooperation with MB&F about HM1 and HM4). Besse is now an independent behind-the-scenes watch manufacture.

The challenge is to maintain the thready nature of the streamlined movements while adding an automatic rotating mechanism. Keeping the pure style of the movement, the unique remedy to invent a thready winding system.

However , this kind of brings three main issues: the ability to wind the sequence, the quality of the pendulum, in addition to friction. Corum tried eight different material combinations, and then decided to use copper-beryllium combination and steel with ni PTFE coating equivalent to Teflon.

Calibre CO 313 sounds at 4 Hz and contains a power reserve of forty five hours. It was developed within cooperation with La Joux-Perret. One of the very rare linear pendulum winding movements, the use of compressed precious metal platinum to solve the condition of replica watch

Gram's pendulum moves a single centimeter along the steel train coated with the above-mentioned Teflon cocktail, then its activity is slowed down by a washing machine system, sending it during the other direction.

The speak to area between the counterweight plus the guide rail is made of beryllium copper. The energy generated is usually transmitted through a rack permanent on the pendulum weight, and that is continuously engaged with the opposite system to provide one-way gathering.

Equipped with ceramic ball bearings, Calibre CO 313 quickly winds without lubrication.

2021 Corum Golden Bridge Auto Watch
The Golden Connection Automatic 10th Anniversary Model has undergone some cosmetic changes on its avant-garde case, especially the iconic sky-blue crystal.

Unlike the several sapphire crystal panels utilised by Corum watches in modern-day Swiss made replica watches cases, Golden Brdge Automatic now uses merely two crystals: a huge wide ranging watch covering the front as well as sides, and the other exhibiting the movement of the automated winding on the back.

This lets a 360-degree view with the gorgeous movement inside the event, but it is relatively tricky to perform due to the technical skills forced to obtain and maintain a 30-meter water resistance.

The sapphire very that forms the back from the watch is smoky and appears a little mysterious (and a great deal better hide the arm frizzy hair, some people don't like to see that behind the watch).

Typically the four new models are generally placed in the case with the top still at 6 o'clock to ensure the same technical trustworthiness and a pleasant winding expertise. The case is made of polished class 5 titanium with african american DLC treatment, a plan with two tones associated with black grade 5 ti and 18 carat red-colored gold, as well as two diamond-studded variants. All four editions tend to be limited editions.

The "dial" has also been redesigned and now runs on the newly arranged floating utilize system to handle the time machines applied manually. They are not attached to the dial like the previous gold bridges, so nothing retards the overall view of the mobility. These hour markers are usually attached to an inconspicuous structure fixed to the base of the motion.Richard Mille RM 67-02 Winding Extra Flat - Alexander Zverev Edition

This kind of watch also has an element worthy of emphasizing: a very competitive price tag. Corum Global Sales and Marketing Representative Boon Soon Chong defined that this was a conscious judgement to "create buzz and also reward the brand's buyers, partners and supporters. very well Great!

Although the future style of the Golden Bridge enjoy has undergone such slight changes, one thing remains a similar: this transparent watch has a amazing ability to continue to demonstrate art of the watchmaker while intended by its first architect.

Corum Golden Passage automatic winding 2021
Event: 37. 2 x 1951. 8 x 13. 8 mm, titanium, black DLC treatment; two-tone 18-carat reddish gold, titanium black DLC treatment; red gold along with blackened titanium with seventy two diamonds (0. 97 carats); black titanium and white gold or platinum, Set with 72 diamond jewelry (0. 97 carats)
Activity: Self-winding Calibre CO 313, rectangular, 194 parts as well, 40-hour power reserve, variable inertia balance, 18-carat gold splint, platinum linear oscillating fat, 4 Hz/28, 800 vph frequency
Function: hour, small
Limited edition: (black titanium); (red gold/titanium gold using black DLC treatment); (red gold/titanium gold, black DLC treatment, with diamonds); (white gold/titanium gold, black DLC treatment, with diamonds)

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