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Award Name Description
Owner Given to the Owner of the forum! AKA: _B_
Developer Given to the Developers of the forums!
Manager Given to the Managers of the forums!
Forum Leader Given to the Forum Leaders of the forum!
Community Helper Given to the Community Helpers of the forum!

Award Name Description
Birthday Cake Happy 1st Birthday on VoxGrid!
Clock Given for 24 hours Ontime!
Writer Given for 100 posts. Now get 1000.
Beta Tester Given to the few who dedicated time to helping VoxGrid at the beginning
Alpha Given to the first 5 members on the forums!
Idea Given if your idea is implemented on VoxGrid.
Rep Given for 50 reputation. You must be liked on here.
Winner Coin GG. You won an event held on VoxGrid.
Godly Diamond Earnt by Godly Members.
Specialist Given for creations of high detailed tutorials
Partner Given to current and previous partners of VoxGrid. Your support means a lot!

  Credit Awards  
Award Name Description
AirPods Here take some cheap ones. I promise they aren't fake
Challenger You are among the legends
Stack of Cash Flex this on the haters!
Crown Bow down to these members of royalty.
Minecraft To those who really love this game

Award Name Description
Premium Given to those who have purchased Premium!
VIP Given to those who have purchased VIP!
Donator For those who have donated any amount to VoxGrid. Thank you <3. This is not the same as a donator rank.

Award Name Description
YouTube 500 subs+? Basically a YouTuber so take this badge
Streamer Full time streamer is a legitimate job
Can Opener If you tell me where this reference is from then you get this
Keynesian For those economists out there.
Designer To someone that has shown talent in graphics

Award Name Description
Blitz [Hidden Award]
Gold Ingot You must be one of the special ones

  User Owned Awards  
Award Name Description
_B_'s Diamond Pickaxe Award given by _B_
Mart's Omen Here’s a good luck charm from Mart’s Omen! You have been noticed.