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Hello and thank you for coming to the donations page. I have been working on this website for the past 3 months now and it really has been a great experience. Not only to create stuff but to learn new things such as coding (and I know i'm not as good as some of you reading this). However, all the costs put towards the website has been out of my pocket and a great amount of time and development has been (and continuing to be) put into creating a website that I hope is to a high quality and something that users will be able to enjoy in the present and the future. I really hope for this to work in the long run and would really appreciate donations if you can. You can only donate via PayPal and any amount is appreciated (minimum: £1).This will be used to help the website costs which will increase and to develop even more stuff for the website. I really want to heighten the user experience as much as possible and donations will help make this even more likely. Now, I'm not saying you have to donate. Donations are not required to access the forums. The majority of the stuff put on here is free for all and only really requires you to create an account. I really want to continue doing this and making more stuff avaliable. Once again thank you for reading this, stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day! Please do remember that even £1 can go a long way for the website :)

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you do donate, you are doing so to help the website and it's costs and NOT for anything else (whether this is some sort of gain or advantage you think you will recieve). You will not get anything for donating.

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