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  What type of Jobs are avaliable at VoxGrid  
We have two types of areas. Most of the jobs advertised are volunteer based hence, you will contribute for free. However, you will receive some forum perks and recognisiton for the volunteer positions. We do have a role (Blog/Forum services team) that does give a little bit of payment. However, this role is limited and is not always advertised.


  • What is a Community Helper?
    These are volunteers who dedicated some of their time to help sort out the forums. They will move threads and posts where needed and deal with any queries from members. They serve as the frontline of support. They will always ensure that the rules of VoxGrid are maintained at all times throughout the forums and shoutbox. Those that excel will have the chance to advance to Forum Leader.

  • What are the expectations in this position?
    We expect Community Helpers to be very active members, ensuring that they communicate at all times and notify times of prolonged inactivity. They must be friendly, approchable and patient. Community Helpers must always display understanding of the rules while enforcing them to other members. We also expect them to promote VoxGrid whenever they can, bringing in new members and encouraging activity throughout.

  • What perks are included?
    You will receive a Community Helper tag, coloured username, Community Helper Award, access to the staff forum and user perks such as custom postbit/profile background, increased PM space, custom usertitles and GIF profile pictures.

  • What requirements are there?
    You must have a working mic and Discord (you will be asked to provide your username). You must also have a minimum of 10 posts on the forums and at least 3 should be in the last 7 days. Your overall current activity levels will also be a factor.

  • How do I apply?
    Please apply by creating a thread in the Jobs section and follow the template published. Your thread will only be visible to you and any admins.