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  Rules and Guidelines  
Treat other users with respect. This should just be basic common sense. Flaming and other forms of toxicity here will not be tolerated.
Any users engaging or conspiring to engage in malicious activity to infect users or the website will lead to a swift Perm-Ban. These include but are not limited to viruses, malware, phishing links and other malicious distributions.
When linking a website to access a download, use the direct link (i.e. if it's a mediafire file, link the mediafile url). No URL shortened links (i.e. from adf.ly or bitly). Your link will be removed and thread may be deleted. Further action will be taken if repeated. Especially in the Film Studio, do not post links to third party websites which may stream pay-per-view content or distribute illegal downloads of paid content/media.
We encourage discussion on most topics and interests. That is literally the main aim of this forums page and voicing your opinions is great! If people disagree with your opinion, show some maturity when dealing with it instead of resorting into flaming and potentially ending up banned. Adult/explicit content is strictly prohibited on here.
Any discussion or promotion of content considered to be illegal is prohibited and will result in an Perm-Ban and potentially further consequences. These include but are not limited to terrorism, child sexuality/abuse, drugs, fraud, any type of cyber crime, linking pirated/"warez" software etc.
Privacy is respected and posting sensitive/personal information on other users will result in a perm ban.
Constant harassment, intimidation, bullying and other forms of discrimination (i.e. racism, sexism, ageism, xenophobia etc.) towards other users is not tolerated.
There is freedom of discussion on here and we leave you to use your best judgement before posting a thread on something. Content which may cause offence to someone/certain groups even if they are intended as jokes, should be thought about carefully before posting as consequences may follow. Please also note that threads and posts can only be deleted by staff.
Trading some types of stuff are allowed on here (i.e. an unused license for a software if permitted or a steam game code). However, these trades are done at your discretion and you should conduct sufficient research before engaging. We do not take responsibility for any losses in a trade. We do not allow trading of any credit cards, PayPal accounts and any other financial accounts. Certain types of accounts are also prohibited from trade. These include but are not limited to Amazon, Ebay, Apple, Google Play etc. and anything deemed explicit or illegal is not do be traded either. You must use the "Buying" or "Selling" prefixes in each thread if you are creating a thread to trade. Do not negotiate or discuss any trade conditions in the threads.
Advertising YOUR website/blog is ONLY allowed in here! You must be the owner or admin of the site to be allowed to advertise and this is the only type of advertising allowed. You may not advertise in your signature unless you are upgraded. Any advertising for personal services, other people's services/sites (unless it's explicitly mentioned on the forum description) or advertising with the purpose of diverting users away will risk you getting permanent ban.
English is the main language of the forums and is the only language that should be used when communicating to other members. You should not write in any other language. I have included a google translate widget here for some members who may need a translation from English:
You are responsible for the actions and activity on your account. Only 1 account per user is allowed and multiple accounts are prohibited (this applies mostly to banned users. You can use your banned account to appeal your ban). Deviating from this will result in an ban on all your accounts. Accounts do not get deleted on here so think carefully before creating one. While we do appreciate funny usernames, any usernames that we deem inappropriate will result in consequences. This includes impersonating other people. In addition to this, usernames are permanent and cannot be changed. Once again put some proper thought into choosing your username that you will be happy with as we will ignore requests to change them.
Signatures, Avatars and any attachments must also confine to being appropriate. Again, we have a tolerance to some stuff but if we feel that this isn't true, you may get banned.
Do not beg on here. Stop trying to find the easy way and work hard if you really want something.
Reporting threads/users for no good reason constantly will come with consequences. Spamming for whatever reason will also result in sanctions.
If you assist a user in breaking the rules, you will be treated in the same way as breaking the rule itself
These rules are subject to change constantly so make sure you refresh yourself here at times
Some rule-breakers may get a punishment different to the ones stated above at our discretion
We reserve the right to terminate accounts without giving reasons if we choose to
The rules that apply on the forums will apply on the Discord server too.